-A Healthy Company is a Happy Company-


  • Compete against Local Companies

  • Build Camaraderie and Team Spirit 

  • Improve the health and well-being of you and your fellow colleagues

  • Take on the Challenge!


Commit your company to the Unfair Advantage Month Long Corporate Fitness Challenge


What is the Challenge?

Tally up the most points for your company by committing to Unfair Advantage Fitness Program for a Month. Points are awarded as follows:

     **1 point for every scheduled class attended by a team member

     **10 points for each new team member attending classes within the month


Whats the competition (how to win)?

Maximum number of points per company wins - so you will be going head to head against your local rivals throughout the calender year.


Challenge Categories: 

Category 1: for companies with 1-10 employees

Category 2: for companies with 11-50+ employees

Category 3: for companies with 51+ employees


How To enter:

Team Captains must submit the form below to enter your company into the Challenge.

Entry fee is as follows:

     $300 company size 1-10

     $800 company size 11-50

     $1000 company size 51+

Once a team is registered, individual team members must create an account on Unfair Advantage Fitness mindbody ** Please include which team you belong to when setting up your account by adding your company name to you surname.

     E.g.  First name: Tony

              Last name: Stark (The Avengers)

Once your profile is created then you will be credited the month worth of classes to begin on yours team start date.  All team members must sign into classes for their attendance to be recorded.



Winning team will receive a Free Month of Unlimited Classes With Unfair Advantage Fitness, a Champions trophy and most importantly.. bragging rights.

Any questions please contact us.


Please fill out the form below to submit your companies interest in the Corporate Challenge. 

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